Golf Swing Tips for Seniors

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Whatever might be your age, you will be able to play golf. The sport is all about swings and style. However, there are several golf swing tips to consider if you are a senior, slowly learning the sport. Let us look through a host of swings you might with practice, ace, and take your game to another level.

  • Warm-up before your game: Take your game light and do not mind coming early to warm up. Let your muscles relax and do a couple of stretching and breathing exercises as you wait for your turn.
  • Go for the Basic Teeing: Start with the simplest teeing in the fairway. This is simple to practice and may even look basic for your liking. However, it is nevertheless much effective and less strained on effort.
  • Learn the Best Handicaps: Golf is all about style and the way you strike out the ball. Try to hit the least number of handicaps, and then you will find your score better. This is the general knowhow, as you know. However, finding your capability and working on the same will be essential.
  • Work on Relaxing Your Stance: Many seniors have a problem standing and positioning. They would require working on their posture. It will not help to keep the legs straight and stiff. It will be necessary to stand with your legs apart and move the ball a little away from you. It will then help you to lean a little forward and hit the ball easily. Relaxed moves and swings will give you better hits.
  • Go Easy on Backswings: If you want to go for backswing at any point, go for slower backswings. This way, they will go far and high up. This is better than taking any fast backswings.
  • Go for Impact Slings: Hold the club’s shaft somewhere about the club’s head. It will then help you to ace the sling where you can hear a distinct swoosh sound as you swing the club high up. This type of sling will be gentlest of the swings and give you the easiest hits.

When you talk of the seniors playing golf, you need to work more on the simplicity of drives more than ever. You might wish to give hard-hitting or shots that require a lot of effort from back and arms. Take your time to consult with your instructor on the best golf swing tips to get ready for the next tournament.

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