Golf swing mechanics

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Golf swing mechanics has always been an interesting topic to debate upon, mainly because instructors adopt two distinct approaches. Some instructors teach the swinging process based on the premise that the club responds to gravity. And others teach their students the concept of leverage, which refers to the club reacting to the muscular strength the player applies. Still, if it were two analyze the two approaches, we will most likely discover that those two explanations are quite similar. 

What are the main concepts of golf swing mechanics?

When it comes to golf swing mechanics, there are five general sections we can discuss: the Takeaway, the Backswing, the Transition, the Downswing and Impact, and the Follow Through. A professional player needs to pay close attention to all these concepts, as those are key to discovering the best golf swing mechanics for your game.

The Takeaway

This refers to how you initiate your swing. The secret is to keep your swing as simple as possible, meaning that your shoulders must turn away from the target, and your lower body assumes a stable position. 

The Backswing

The Takeaway includes the Backswing, which refers to the timeframe between the Takeaway and the transition at the top. Overall, this is the moment in which the club gets into position, and the shoulder turn reaches an end. The secret for this is to keep up your balance and avoid turning so far that you slide your weight out of position.

The Transition

A clean Transition is what will get you the best shot. And the Transition refers to the moment in which you change from backswing to downswing. Professionals say that it is rather necessary at this moment to focus on your lower body. It will determine the way and a great position will allow you to strike the ball correctly. It is best to start a transition with a rotation of your lower body toward the target. 

The Downswing and Impact

The Impact is the only moment in golf playing when the club touches the ball. The secret to the best Downswing and Impact is to get your hands past the ball before impact. And you can achieve this by relaxing your grip pressure at the address. Balance is key, as holding on too tight on the club will make you shot your ball off the course.

The Follow Through

Of course, this is the last section, and it refers to the small timeframe after you hit the ball and finish your swing. Unprofessional golfers might assume that this isn’t as important as other transitions. But it is an entirely false statement. A perfect golf swing is established based in the Follow Through. As such, if you are having issues holding your balance at the finish, there was something wrong in your swing. 

The bottom line is that balance is key in golf swing mechanics. If you manage to create an equilibrium between your hitting force and how your body is positioned, you will achieve a perfect strike. 

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